Telephony Consulting and Design

GetVoice, LLC provides consultation on corporate and departmental telecom issues ranging from connectivity, telephone system design, implementation, equipment and carrier selection.  Our telephony consultation and design services include development of recommendations for solutions to meet all of your communications  needs such as voice mail tree structure, call routing design, and line installations, moves and changes.

GetVoice consultants are experts at IP telephony and will help you navigate VoIP, SIP, and all the other acronyms in an industry that is booming. In fact, VoIP is be a booming opportunity for small businesses.. The opportunity for cost savings is so great for small business, it is expected this market to grow over 400% in the next 5 years. With increasing pressures on reducing headcount and using personnel wisely, now is the time to improve your communication platforms and staff using GetVoice Specialists on an adhoc basis to fill your immediate expert specialty needs without having to staff up.


Systems Management Services

GetVoice  provides Systems Management Services on a variety of levels. We can assist on a project by project basis, act as your entire Systems Management Team or simply supplement your own team with additional support as required.

Our professional support team will work closely with you to facilitate smooth transitions or to implement entirely new Telephone, Voicemail or Call Centre Solutions. This includes adding or modifying telephony hardware components, adding new departments or offices or simply re-configuring your telecom systems.

The majority of our clients’ requests can be handled remotely resulting in a significant cost savings. Our extensive knowledge of telephony technology enables us to problem-solve and apply remedial adjustments with a time-sensitive mentality.

Occasionally our clients have projects so large their in-house telecom team is overwhelmed. We have experts who are ready, willing and able to fit in to any situation with minimal orientation. Our knowledge and telecommunications experience enable us to “hit the ground running” and deliver results with minimal delay.

When it’s time to relocate your system, we can definitely help. We’ll be at your side from the early planning stages right through to the first fielded phone call including the co-ordination of vendors.


Project Management

With our wealth of accumulated Telephony and Call Centre knowledge and experience, we are able to develop and establish well defined Telecom Project milestones and oversee the progress of projects to ensure they are completed successfully, on-time and within budget using best practices.

We’ll work with you from the beginning of the project to establish realistic milestones for yourTelecommunications Project that can be accomplished with a reasonable effort. We’ll then monitor the progress of each Telephony Project segment ensuring that each milestone is met on time. We’ll also coordinate internal and external activities to ensure everything progresses according to the plan.

Finally, we’ll document the successful completion of the Telecom Project and follow up on, and resolve, any outstanding situations requiring additional attention.


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